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We have many customers who already have found the ”residence of their dreams” in Croatia. Here are some comments on how some of them experienced purchasing and owning real estates in Croatia;

Tomas, Frankfurt - Germany
”We were very pleased with the viewing tour where Sea Homes showed us several flats and houses, but without us feeling any pressure to buy. We also liked the fact that Sea Homes took time to show us the area around Makarska to let us get to know the area better.

We were very satisfied with the completion of the purchasing process and the establishment of a firm. Sea Homes with their Croatian partners was of invaluable help in this process. We could not have made it on our own, and it feels safe to buy through Sea Homes. We also appreciated the follow-up and help from Sea Homes, also after the purchase

We have been very pleased with our use of the flat, and we have been to Croatia several times after the purchase. This summer it has been rented out most of the time, something which has worked very well.”

Stein og Kristin, Bergen - Norway
"Before the viewing tour, a meeting was arranged where it was clarified what kind of flat I wanted. After this the viewing tour was arranged and completed in a very fine manner, where local knowledge and knowledge of each prospectus made the tour very valuable. I did not at any time feel neither any pressure to buy, nor in any other way feel anything which indicated that I ”ought to/had to” buy. Very well carried out.

After we had decided to purchase, almost everything was ready, and the process concerning the establishing of my firm, contracts and other things were ready and was effectuated and handled very professionally. I will in particular stress the knowledge about advantages/disadvantages about having your own firm or about a private purchase. This is very valuable and gives the purchaser good help. That Sea Homes in addition to guidance during purchasing, aided me with knowledge and advice about when we were going to buy a kitchen and furniture, makes a very professional impression, at the same time as it demonstrates an earnest interest in us feeling as comfortable as possible, and not just a business deal which is finished as soon as the contract has been set up... Very well carried out.

The flat has been used a lot both by myself, and by friends who have borrowed it, and a new trip is presently being planned. There is no problem renting it out, even tough I have not advertised it in any way, the news is being passed on by the jungle telegraph...”

Bente og Martin, Copenhagen - Denmark
"We were met at the airport by a nice fellow called Anders. The four days we spent in Croatia were very well organised. We were shown different projects in the Makarska area. Sea Homes … acted very professionally and without any kind of buying pressure. The decision we eventually were to make, we made completely on our own. They showed us much trust.

After we had made up our minds, the purchase was made in cooperation with a local realtor. Because the realtor speaks English fluently, the process was easy. All contracts were written in Croatian, but were translated by an authorised translator there and then. Sea Homes was a very good helper during the whole process… They were also very good consultants when it came to selecting tiles and inventory for the flat. They have a network which is very important to us as buyers.

We took over the flat in June 2005. When we arrived one late Saturday evening, Anders was standing outside with the keys and welcomed us. We were very excited. The flat was ready and with all the furniture on place and the kitchen completely installed. Everything was as we had been promised in advance. We would also like to praise the contractor who struggled to make everything ready for us to move in when we arrived. He had also heightened the standard on some things beyond the scope of the contract, without additional costs. He was very interested in us becoming a satisfied customer…

For two weeks in July, one of our daughters was there with her family, they had a very good time and thought this was the place of their dreams… Everything is well arranged in the co-ownership. We have our own janitor who takes care of most things when it comes to renting out and other practicalities…

We can safely recommend others to purchase real estates in Croatia and readily use Sea Homes, with which we have had very positive experiences.”

Peter og Lena, Stockholm - Sweden
"The viewing tour was a fine experience. We were alone, and spent five days together with two nice and serious persons, and we got to see the flats we had been promised. Everything had been well organised. In addition, it was very nice to hear something about the history of Croatia.

The purchase was a very open and fine process, where all small and big details were taken care of. Not least the follow-up one year after our purchase!!!

This has been a totally positive experience, both to us and our children.”

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