Rental terms for private vacation homes
Before you reserve a vacation home from us, please read Sea Homes' rental terms. By sending a rental reservation to Sea Homes you confirm to have read, understood and accepted our rental terms for renting a private vacation home in Croatia.

1. Our services
Sea Homes d.o.o. (hereafter referred to as the Service Provider) offers rental of holiday apartments owned by private owners (hereafter referred to as the Owner) to the rental customer (hereafter referred to as the Customer).

When the Customer arrives at the apartment the apartment has been cleaned and is in good condition. There is one set of bed linen and towels for each confirmed person.

Exceptions to our services may only occur in cases where the Owner and Service Provider have no control, for example nature disasters, strike or any unforeseen actions from the Croatian authorities.

2. Reservation and payment
By paying the deposit the Customer confirms to have read and accepted the general rental conditions. These general conditions for rental are legal binding for the Service Provider, the Owner and the Customer.

After having made a reservation and having received the deposit invoice, the Customer has 7 days in order to pay the deposit of Euro 220 per week reserved. After receiving the deposit payment, the Service Provider will confirm the reservation. This document is the confirmation for the Customer that the reservation has been done. The rest of the amount and possible other services charges must be paid on due date indicated on the invoice.

3. Price
The price for the apartment includes the right to use the apartment and its equipment for the reserved period, normal usage of water and electricity, 10% Croatian VAT, as well as tourist tax to the Croatian government.

4. Number of persons
Total number of persons in the rental apartment may not be higher than the number confirmed by the Service Provider.

5. Arrival – and departure
The earliest possible arrival time in the apartment on arrival day is 17:00. The latest possible time to arrive to the apartment is 22.00. The latest time to leave the apartment on the departure day is 10:00. At arrival the Customer will be given the keys to the apartment which has to be returned on departure day.

6. The Service Providers right to change or cancel the reservation
The Service Provider has only the right to cancel or change the reservation caused by external happenings outside the control of the service provider. If this occurs the Service Provider shall if possible offer another similar apartment with the same standard. If no other apartment may be offered to the Customer, the Customer shall get the whole amount paid refunded.

7. The Customers right to cancel the reservation
The Customer may change or cancel a reservation until 30 days before arrival. When canceling a reservation in this period, the deposit will not be refunded.

Changes after 30 days before arrival in the apartment are not possible. When canceling within this period, the Customer has no right to get neither the deposit nor the rest of the amount refunded.

The Customer is advised to have insurance in case of cancellation due to illness.

The reservation is personal and may not be handed over to another person without the permission from the service provider.

8. The responsibility of the Customer
The Customer is obligated to:

· have legal passport and other travel documents
· show respect to other neighbors regarding for example loudness
· not to leave garbage or used kitchen equipment for washing up in the apartment by departure
· not to smoke inside the apartment or at the property
· not to bring animals to the property
· to compensate the Owner if any damage is caused to the property or equipment in the apartment
· register the right amount of people and correct personal information of all persons staying in the apartment

In case of breakage of one of theses conditions, the rental period may be cancelled without any compensation.

9. Luggage and personal belongings
Neither the Owner nor the Service Provider is responsible for damaged, lost or stolen luggage or personal belongings which are stored in the apartment. Lost or stolen luggage shall be reported to the local police station in Croatia.

10. Travel insurance
The reservation does not include travel insurance for the Customer. It is the responsibility of the Customer to have insurance before leaving the home country.

11. The Customers right to complaint
If the Customer is not satisfied with the apartment or the services delivered by the service provider, the Customer has the right to complaint. Any complaints must be in written.

If the Customer by arrival is not satisfied with the apartment, it is the responsibility of the Customer to immediately report this to the local representant of the Service Provider. It is thereafter all the involved parties responsibility to eliminate the reason for the complaints. If the complaints result in getting a new apartment, the new apartment shall be of same standard as the original apartment.

If the Customer does not accept the new apartment which is offered, the Service Provider has no longer responsibility for further actions.

If the Customer for any reason moves out of the apartment before talking to the Service Provider, the Service Provider will not consider any complaints from the Customer afterwards.

If it is not possible to find an accepted solution of the complaints from the Customer, the Customer and the service provider shall together make a written report which needs to be signed from both parties. Each of the parties will keep one copy of the report.

Complaints from the Customer must be sent to the Service Provider within one week after departure from the apartment. The complaints must include a report signed by the Customer as well as the local representant from the Service Provider. An evaluation of the complaints from the Customer must be answered by the Service Provider within 30 days from receiving the complaints.

No form of complaints can result in a higher compensation than the total amount of the deposit and the rental fee that has been paid.

12. Jurisdiction
If the Customer finds the action of the service provider as a result of a complaint insufficient, the case shall be brought to the court in Split, Croatia.

13. Acceptance of general rental conditions
By paying the deposit the Customer confirms to have read and accepted the general rental conditions.

Makarska, Croatia, 17/01 2009

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