Vacation on Hvar!
The island of Hvar is the one place in Croatia which per year has the highest number of days with sun. Hvar is also the longest island in the Adriatic. If you include the numerous bays and points along the island, it has more than 300 km with Mediterranean shoreline. The largest village on Hvar is also named Hvar. The centre of Hvar village is free from cars and is a Venetian old town with a lively atmosphere.

The city of Hvar is perhaps the place in Croatia which in the summer season attracts the most international and youngest group of visitors. The bars and restaurants at the harbour of Hvar, have become a magnet for Europe’s young, rich and famous. In the high season the harbour in Hvar is filled with small and large yachts that all contribute to the nice maritime character of the village.

Despite the popularity of Hvar, the island has managed to keep its original charm and genuinity. It is therefore not difficult to find your own bay in which to bath, where the ocean murmur and the scent of lavender give tranquillity to both body and soul.

On the southeastern tip of the island of Brac, in a picturesque fishing village