Vacation on Korcula!
The island of Korcula is one of the most beautiful areas in the Adriatic. A 1,5 km broad strait separates Korcula from the main land, so there is only a short ferry trip out to the island. The nearest international airport is 1½-hour drive from Korcula, right to the south of Dubrovnik. The selection of museums, examples of exciting ancient architecture and historical sites is plentiful on Korcula.

Korcula Island is long and narrow. If you depart from the main road stretching along the island, to some of the many narrow gravel roads leading down to the ocean, you can probably find a bay of your own where you can bathe. It is also possible to bathe on the eastern point of Korcula, where you can find some of the best sandy beaches in Croatia.

But the most impressive feature of Korcula Island is the town of Korcula. As a miniature Dubrovnik, but with fewer tourists, the town consists of a fortified old town with Venetian 14th century architecture. Within the walls there is a densely built-up area of stone houses, with narrow lanes, churches and squares. There are many museums, exciting architecture and interesting history. Like many other islands in Dalmatia, Korcula has a well developed wine production. In the central areas of the island, several high quality wines are grown, these are also exported internationally.

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