Vacation in Dubrovnik!
Dubrovnik is not only a unique city in Croatia, but also in the entire Mediterranean region. Dubrovnik has a rich history gong thousands of years back in time, and a unique architecture with fortress and city walls surrounding the centre of Dubrovnik. The city has become a magnet attracting visitors from all over the world. Everyone is coming to Dubrovnik to experience something unique and spectacular.

Dubrovnik is Croatia’s third largest city. Most of its 50.000 residents live outside the historical city centre. The old town in centre of Dubrovnik is a well kept trading city from the 1700-century. The history and culture of Dubrovnik is unique in that the city was never occupied by the superpowers of history, but continuously an independent city-nation. The city had its greatest success as a trading post between the Venetians in the north and the Ottoman empire in the south.

In modern days, Dubrovnik has become an international attraction with a very large offering of five-star hotels and restaurants. In the old town of Dubrovnik you can find restaurants and clubs that are nothing less than what can be found in London or New York. Dubrovnik is also attracting many world celebrities, some of them also having invested in real estate in the city. During the summer the small port of Dubrovnik is full with super yachts and cruising ships. But, Dubrovnik is also a nice city for more limited budgets. There are plenty of café’s where you still can get an espresso or cappuccino for less than what most of us are used to. A café is a perfect place to sit and experience the sights and sounds of a fantastic city!

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